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Humanitas Research Hospital - Department of Immunology and Inflammation

The Department of Immunology and Inflammation of Humanitas Research Hospital (http://www.humanitas-research.org/) has recently been granted an AIRC 5x1000 grant to develop a research project, coordinated by Alberto Mantovani, aimed at developing innovative biomarkers and therapeutic strategies related to tumor invasion, spreading and metastasis.

They are looking for candidates for the four positions detailed in the attachment.



IRCCS San Raffaele Scientific Institute Divisione di Immunologia, Trapianti e Malattie Infettive 

Collaboratore per modelli animali

Per un progetto finanziato per 5 anni cerchiamo un tecnico di laboratorio con esperienza in:

  • manipolazione animale (somministrazione farmaci/cellule mediante iniezioni i.p, s.c., i.v)
  • mantenimento colonie topi wilde type e transgenici (accoppiamenti, svezzamenti etc)
  • analisi del genotipo
  • colture cellulari
  • saggi biochimici

Se interessati, inviare il C.V. all’attenzione di:
Dott.ssa Capobianco Annalisa: capobianco.annalisa@hsr.it
Dott.ssa Maugeri Norma: maugeri.norma@hsr.it



Laboratory of Inflammation and Nervous System Diseases of the Mario Negri Institute

The Laboratory of Inflammation and Nervous System Diseases of the Mario Negri Institute, headed by Dr. Maria Grazia De Simoni, is offering a three-year research position to study inflammatory aspects in traumatic brain injury.

Please see the announcement.



Postdoc positions open in Spain

There are 225 two-year postdoc positions open in Spain for researchers that have completed their PhD in 2014-2015 (25000 euros/yr for salary), and another 225 positions for researchers that completed their PhD in 2011-2013 (29000 euros/yr for salary and additional 6000 euros for research costs). The program is called ‘Juan de la Cierva’, and candidates can apply for it in any Spanish university or research centre. The program is open to both Spanish and non-Spanish researchers. Selected candidates are expected to incorporate to the research centres within the six months after the publication of results, so likely in the second half of 2016, although later incorporations are possible if justified. Proposals can be submitted from the 13th of January to the 10th of February (in the case of PhD’s completed in 2014-2015) and from the 11th of January to the 8th of February (in the case of PhD’s completed in 2011-2013).

Please find here attached the official call for proposals by the Spanish Government (in Spanish).



PhD Positions
Institute of Medical Biology (IMB) at the Biopolis campus, Singapore 

Si veda la locandina allegata


Borse di studio dell'Accademia Nazionale dei Lincei

I bandi sono consultabili alla pagina seguente:


Scadenze a novembre-dicembre 2015

Per informazioni:
Ufficio Premi e Borse di studio - Accademia Nazionale dei Linccei
tel. 06.68307831



Looking for a PhD In Biology?

At the Vienna Biocenter we want to empower young graduates to become independent scientists!

We are looking for motivated and knowledgeable students, who are passionate about Science.

We offer 4-year fully funded positions in an amazing campus that fosters excellent science

  • Learn from the experts: research groups at the forefront of science.
  • Vibrant scientific atmosphere: numerous seminars, workshops, symposia.
  • Supreme scientific infrastructure: virtually all experiments are possible!
  • Multidisciplinary and international community
  • Opportunities for career development

Bring your questions and put your curiosity to work!

Visit our website on contact us for more information: www.vbcphd.at

Christopher Robinson
Assistant to the Scientific Director/PhD Administrator
Research Institute of Molecular Pathology (IMP)
Vienna Biocenter (VBC)
Dr. Bohr-Gasse 7
A-1030 Vienna
Tel.: +43 1 797 30/3001
e-mail: robinson@imp.ac.at

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